Keitaro is a Tracker for Web traffic arbitrage and Performance marketing
Mobile and web tracker to improve performance in affiliate marketing
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Case 1

Traffic Arbitrage

Target visitors to the most relevant offers and detect the the least profitable traffic sources.

Advertise to the right audience

Target banners, popups, popunders by visitor location, device, mobile carrier operator.

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What is Keitaro TDS?

Keitaro TDS is a self-hosted application. It needs Web-server, PHP, MySQL and ionCube.


Affiliate network integration

Integrated with popular CPA networks and Advertising networks.

Traffic Distribution

Filters by user characteristics, date ranges, labels.


Checking health status of traffic receivers.


Installs of almost every shared hosting. It's easy like installing wordpress.


Collect and build reports that grouped by characteristics and ranges.

Visitor Information

Detailed report of every visitors. Identifies country, state, city, device type, device model, carrier, connection type and more.

Bot Protection

Contains large database of bots (Search Engines, Facebook, etc.)

A/B Pesting

Traffic splitting to specify a percentage distribution.

Banner Rotation

Target and rotate banners on websites

Multi-user access

Access restrictions for business partners

No-cost testing

Traffic simulation to test campaign settings.

Geo DBs

Integrated with popular geo databases.


Enormous ways to use Keitaro.


Data stores in local database.


Good performance when both PHP-FPM and Redis installed.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I install Keitaro TDS on my shared hosting?

    Yes, to Keitaro TDS only needs in Web Server, MySQL, PHP and ioncube.
  • How much traffic Keitaro can handle?

    When running on shared hosting from 20 000 to 50 000 unique visitors per day. To handle more traffic it's better to use PHP-FPM and Redis. We configure servers to boost performance.
  • May I use one license key for several domains?

    Yes, the license assign to the server IP. Keitaro doesn't check which domain used.
  • What payment methots do you accept?

    Currently, for US, European ans Asia customers we only accept PayPal. Contact us to discuss more options.
  • How to install Keitaro TDS?

    Download the installer, upload script to your domain directory and open in any browser. Read more information.

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